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Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo, Il



Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo, Il (1966)

Ennio Morricone 

Released in:

The Good, The Great, The Magnificent
Godwin Borg (March 20, 2005)
Next year it will be the 40 years anniversary of the film that is the apotheosis of the SPAGHETTI WESTERN genre and one of Sergio Leone’s greatest if not his greatest movie ever. Despite the passage of time and the advent of countless other productions this film retains its elite, cult status standing on pulpit of its own, a truly immortal film with an equally immortal score written by none less than MAESTRO ENNIO MORRICONE. Out of the hundreds of scores penned by The Maestro this score will forever remain one of the most remembered and my absolute favourite. Who is not familiar with the main theme of the film? I’m quite sure that even people who are not film music enthusiasts know at least the main theme and most likely also the ‘L’Estasi Dell’Oro’ theme from this film. The beautiful score that Ennio Morricone wrote for this film is powerful blend of the traditional spaghetti western tunes with suspense motifs and a very sober sense of the dramatic. Morricone’s use of the orchestra with additional solo instruments like the leading steel guitar (obligatory in any respectable Spaghetti Western movie) and its uptempo solo passages vs. a nice acoustic guitar strumming, a very warm male voice choir that is properly aggressive when called for, dramatically piano passages, the essential harmonica, nostalgic whistling, beautiful clarinet and trumpet melodies that could break through a heart made of steel and EDDA DELL’ORSO truly magnificent, unique voice make of this composition one of the most rousing scores I ever heard and one of the all-time favourite film scores of many other film score aficionados. Track after track the score builds up momentum and it culminates in the beautiful Epilogue ‘Il Triello’ (which is basically a play of words for ‘Duello / Duel’ and the number 3, usually duels are held between 2 persons, this duel has 3 rivals, thus Triello… the English translation of the name is ‘Trio’ is quite incorrect). Long live Maestro Morricone. If only I had a hat I would gladly tip it off to the Maestro! IL BUONO, IL BRUTTO, IL CATTIVO is a score that definitely deserves a never-ending standing ovation and just like the film it never looses it shine and its sheer power.


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