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Ghostbusters (1984)

Elmer Bernstein 

Released in:

Steve May (February 4, 2008)
Okay - I am not here to review the well known and hugely succesful Arista release of Pop/Alternative songs... but Elmer Bernstein's Score from the 2006 Limited Edition (3000) Varese Sarabande release...


We all know that this score was a much sought after affair that finally saw the light of day in the Lincoln 1999 Bootleg release. However, it stopped and started in the wrong places after being transferred from a cassette tape.

After much online petitioning and thousands of emails/letters being sent to Bernstein's company - this release was brought to us officially after the maestro's passing (18th August 2004). Even though orchestral scores were on the decline in the early-mid Eighties. Fans and enthusiasts wanted this to accompany the Arista release and most soundtrack enthusiasts at the time did not care for the offerings available on vinyl and cassette.

Here we have the score - fantastically mastered and sounding clear and with a few added bonuses (Zuul, Magic, We Got One [Alt]). From the opening cues of <b>Library and Title</b> to the the scale of <b>Judgement Day</b>, you can fully understand why Ivan Reitman chose why he cut the majority of the score and replaced it with the sounds of Alessi and The Bus Boys. The flow, continuity and comedic tones of the film would not fare well and appear as sub-standard to the general public. However - this score stands alone....

From the cues of this score, the orchestration and performance of The Hollywood Studio Orchestra fare exceedingly well - and the use of <b>Ondes Martenot</b> adds more of a triumphant depth to what is otherwise and fantastic score!!!! It isn't just a comedic score - it is more than haunting and even listening to it without visualising the movie, makes it an enjoyable and spine tingling run and more....

Also, and I say this with sad regret that it has to be noted that it is the incomplete score.

Where the Lincoln Records release has major flaws (Sound/Awful Track Cues/No bonus tracks - obviously) it does include the track <b>Somebody Let Me In</b> from Louis Tully's attempt to enter the restaraunt after the Terror Dog corners him. This isn't just a library cue and was recorded for the movie. Why this track was not included is unknown. But would make it a better complete audio treat than the bonus track Magic (Tr.37), which itself is a comical 1m 39s of pure nonsense!

The score as a whole is fantastic and more than worthy of a standard retail release. Bernstein captures the tone of the film (this has been tested against cues from this score release against a fan-created DVD of the movie featuring this as an isolated score). So this adds up, and makes it stand rightfully alongside the actual theatrical release.

So collectors, Have a hunt on Amazon, Ebay and Eil and get hold of this. It's not just for huge Ghostbusters fans like myself... but enthusiasts alike!!! You DEFINATELY won't be disappointed!!!!

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