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Omen, The



Omen, The (1976)

Jerry Goldsmith, Lionel Newman (conductor) 

Released in:

Exemplary horror scoring,
Alex (September 4, 2006)
Wow, Jerry Goldsmith was truly on top of his game with this score. There are themes here that are light and melodic, and some that are more of the action sprectrum, but I think what most people remember this score for are the awesome, creepy, shiver-inducing choral arrangements. For the lack of a better word, this is indeed the stuff of sadism. The score may be chilling but it's also highly classy, highly emotional, and highly recommended from this score fan.
Great work.

Score of
by a soundtrack collector (July 3, 2001)
"The Omen", one of my all-time classics, is out on dvd. And it's great, I love it. Packed with a nice "making of" and commentary track it's a must-have for me. But what's missing, is the seperate music-track that is on the 1995-laserdisc.
On the dvd Golsmith gives a few comments on his score, which is nice. But the Fox laserdisc has a seperate stereo music track, so you can watch scenes of the movie with only that fantastic music accompany it ! But that's not all: if you compare the tracks with the original scenes, you'll see that some of them were differently scored! Like when the eyes of the dog hypnotise the nanny, who hangs herself, the score was very different, also with choir (to this day I'm not sure if Goldsmith composed the piece of music that's in the film. It's totally inconsistent with the rest of the score). Also the final act of the movie, when Gregory Peck drags his son into a church, planning to stab him to death. Originally it was scored with the full orchestra yelling out (is that "staccato" ??). That piece is on the cd ! In the movie, however, it's been switched for an earlier used piece of soft, sad, melancholic music. And yes, it's a very good choice.
To top all of this, the sleeve also tells us which chapters (of 54) have music ! Very smart. Some recent dvd's have a seperate music track, but you have no clue where there's score and where there's silence.
I don't want to badmouth the dvd, cause I LOVE it. I only want to tip you guys about the "old" laser. If you can find it, buy it !!! (Foxvideo 0890985).
Arjen van der Lely

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