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Images (1972)

John Williams 

Released in:

Images/ Weird and wonderful John Williams
Damien Slattery (September 7, 2009)
Harmony and atonality are served in almost equal measure on this Williams effort (pre-Star Wars.) The leading character (Susannah York) is mentally falling apart, so the composer suggests this sense of schizophrenia with thwarted time-signatures and pensive-to-chaotic musical material that utilize bells, gongs and vocal guttural.
The richer tonal music has ghosts of Williams other sublime score of Jane Eyre and likewise this one is plaintive, sad and mysterious. The sound of guitar and piano are featured playing variations of the main theme and there are also echoes of Harry Potter. Williams himself played the keyboards on this recording and his orchestration is extremely dramatic and beautiful. 'Blood Moon' is surely the highlight of the album, a gorgeous string arrangement that quotes the main theme. The composer has stated that this soundtrack is one of his personal favorites.

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