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Runaway (1984)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

Electronic Goldsmith
Luis M. Ramos (January 25, 2002)
When I first saw this album, I thought I was dreaming because I couldn't believe that a score can be performed by Jerry Goldsmith alone. It was a pleasant surprise, though.
The main title is simple; it doesn't offer much, and it's not as catchy as other Goldsmith main themes. However, the action cues are truly spectacular, especially 'Alley Flight', 'Shootin' Up The Ritz', and 'Lockons'; these three tracks have a nice beat. 'Sushi Switch' builds a nice tension, and 'The Resolution' shows the romantic side at the end of the album. As for the rest of the album, there is nothing worthwhile that makes you consider this an excellent work by Goldsmith.

All in all, "Runaway" is an average album, and the only thing that makes it attractive is the fact that it's the first complete electronic work by the great Jerry Goldsmith.

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