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Sand Pebbles, The



Sand Pebbles, The (1966)

Jerry Goldsmith 

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Goldsmith's Oscar-Nominated Masterpiece Score Continues To Impress!
filmfactsman (February 25, 2005)
1966 was one of Jerry Goldsmith's finest years in Hollywood with five outstanding film score recordings released. They were: "The Blue Max", "Our Man Flint", "Stagecoach", "The Trouble With Angels" and "The Sand Pebbles". The latter score is a magnificent work that I rate (along with "The Trouble With Angels", "A Patch of Blue" and "Planet of the Apes") as Goldsmith's finest from the swinging '60s. When I watch the widescreen DVD of the film, I am treated to the lovely Goldsmith overture and the haunting title music from the memorable Robert Wise epic that is as enjoyable today as it was back in 1966. Goldsmith's beautiful music greatly contributes to what is one of the most exciting and powerful films of movie legend Steve McQueen's career (which brought him his only Oscar nomination).

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