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Laserblast (1978)

Joel Goldsmith, Richard Band 

Released in:

For a low-budget film...
Alex (June 22, 2006)
1978's cheesy little sci-fi opus "Laserblast" has a few merits, one being the fun stop-motion aliens from David Allen; the other being Goldsmith and Band's score. Both composers have both moved on to bigger things since this film(Goldsmith especially), and seeing as how money must have been scarce, they provide a soundtrack that for the most part feels reasonably satisfying. Ever since I was very young (I saw the move on late-night TV around age 8), I've always thought the main theme--presented on this disc as "Main Titles" and reprised to greater length as "End Titles"--to be an excellent, rather beautiful piece of music, composed of a lonely piano and an obvious (yet non-intrusive) synthesizer board. These two pieces alone make the disc worthwhile--for me, anyways.
As for the remaining fourty or so minutes of music, you get something of a mixed bag. Cheesy and heavily dated synth music plagues much of the album, but they give it a kind of nostalgia so that didn't really bother me. A couple of the tracks are actually rather pretty, such as tracks 17--"Operation Montage/Dr. Mellon Examines Billy", which while rather short, is a very nice peice of music.
For soundtrack geeks or sci-fi buffs, this is an album worth owning. For a done-on-a-dime score, it's actually very strong.
And the main theme, again, is beautiful.

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