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Aristocats, The



Aristocats, The (1970)

George Bruns, Richard M. Sherman (songs), Robert B. Sherman (songs), Terry Gilkyson (songs) 

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First Damn Recording I Purchased At The Age Of 10!
WorkingWithKnives (March 12, 2007)

I bought this in a discount bin at Woolworths many moons ago. Kept in good condition over the years. As a matter of fact it's about the only thing I still have from that period of my life.

All other things, a lost distance memory (as they very well should be). Somehow, this recording has stayed with me over the years.

These days, it resides alongside several thousand others. In a way, the grandaddy of the family, or at least the stinky old Uncle everyone see's only once a year (usually around Thanksgiving).

The always insane Louis Prima can be heard within the grooves singing the title song to the film "That Damn Cat" featuring the meowing of a horny old alley tom... meeeooowww!

Phil Harris offers a couple of corny jazz/blues numbers from some screwball Disney spectacular as well.

All in all a strange relic of a distant pass wherein most of the participants are now deceased (including the stinky old Uncle), yet the memory lives on like a mutated nocturnal legend. *****

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