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Flic Ou Voyou



Flic Ou Voyou (1979)

Philippe Sarde 

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Some like it jazzy, some like it classical
Dorian (January 18, 2005)
No matter if you like classical orchestral scores or if you prefer the jazz composition with an emphasis on solo players and not an orchestra crowd. Philippe Sarde created a memorable soundtrack which brilliantly involves both these aspects when he composed the music for Flic Ou Voyou.
The music is as versatile and 'bilateral' as Jean-Paul Belmondo's character in the movie. In the very beginning of the soundtrack, the main theme played by strings is introduced, with heavy orchestral accompaniment. The mood later changes to slower, calmer and more lyrical sequences, which feature famous jazz soloists, from Chet Baker to Ron Carter and Larry Coryell. There are places where they are improvising on the themes, and these sometimes long improvisations are often verging into the orchestral theme (a great example is the track "Flic?").
Philippe Sarde worked with director Georges Lautner for a long time by 1979 and their collaboration continued after Flic Ou Voyou as well. Flic Ou Voyou was released on LP in its time, and fortunately was carefully restored for the CD release by Universal France. It became the very first release in the acclaimed series Écoutez le Cinéma. Apart from an interview with Georges Lautner and nice photos in the booklet, the CD has probably the best cover from all the volumes of the Universal series. The road leading to the city with dominant area of blue sky and a large lantern is a very beautiful shot, and I think it goes very well with the music, by expressing an idea of "freedom and space, with a destination where you can always go". That's how I feel it.

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