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Pumpkinhead (1989)

Richard Stone 

Released in:

A fast and entertaining listen,
Alex (May 8, 2007)
At only a little over 32 minutes in length, Richard Stone's score to the Stan Winston-directed "Pumpkinhead" is a fast, surprisingly FUN score! Despite being penned for a rather mean-spirited monster movie, the score is mostly light-hearted, with a heavy emphasis on southern country-ish melodies. The opening track, "End Credits" (pretty lousy track sequencing there) introduces us to a fun, jovial string quartet. I can't recall hearing this during the film, but nevertheless it's a blast and pulls you right into the score. A restrained, pensive theme is woven for Ed Harley (Lance Hendrickson's) character, first heard in "Father & Son", and later reprised in "Innocence Lost"
and "Mr. Harley's Remorse". It's a very nice theme, somewhat similar to the motif Danny Elfman wrote for Tommy Lee Jones' character in "Men in Black". Other highlight tracks are "Can I Take Your Picture?", "Visitors Arrive", and the haunting "A Holy Place" (beautiful female vocalist in this track).
Richard Ston's score for "Pumpkinhead" is fun, often light-hearted, some times even sinister stuff. Very fun, very fast-paced, and recommended!

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