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Car Wash



Car Wash (1976)

Norman Whitfield 

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Stuart Porter (August 1, 2003)
Everyone knows the title track to this album/film, but if you dig deeper there some great 'incidental' type funky music on here than deserves a wider listen. Vocal tracks only take up less than a quarter of the double album, and the remastered sound on the new CD version is fantastic.

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will take you home
did you ever work a hard job for little pay? love someone you just couldn't reach? well this music comes from a film that will take you home. rose royce really hits t on the mark. my review is as much about the film car wash as it is the music. you may have to be over 40 to understand, but if you have ever been there, hated it, but wouoldn't trade the experience for any $$ this is the music and film for you

In full bloom !
If you have ever seen the film Car Wash, you will remember the importance of the soundtrack. I personally saw the film again on T.V. not too long ago, and when I found this cd was available, I simply ordered it (I had bought a long time ago the LP version, which only had 10 tracks).

This can be counted as one of the great soundtracks of that era, together with others such as "Superfly", "Shaft" or "Saturday Night Fever". The more recent "Jackie Brown" goes in the same direction actually. But, the originality of this one is that the whole soundtrack was apparently recorded BEFORE the shooting of the film (the songs were really playing while the film was shot, and the actors seem to have the time of their life), and that the band was made up by Norman Whitfield especially for this recording. The songs were so great and the band was so successful that it went on to record more albums and competed on the charts with CHIC. In fact, I can tell you the film was shown everywhere in Europe and that "Car wash" and the ballad "I wanna get next to you" were played all over the world... Not bad for what some would call a low budget film with a made up band playing in the background.

This really is a recommendable cd because of the story behind it, because of the sound (typical of that time), and because you have more than the two star tracks ("Zig Zag" and "Water" are super instrumentals, "Yoyo" is a lot of fun, the Ohio Players like "Born to love you" should have gotten the same recognition as the title track, and the musical scene - "Daddy rich/you gotta believe"- with Richard Pryor and the Pointer Sisters is extraordinary).

Car wash, ladies and gentlemen, a must have from a band and a producer (Norman Whitfield) in full bloom at that time !

I wanna get next to you
love this plus that movie still a fan this brings back good memories every song on here jams and mostly it's instrumentals but hey I'm an old school funk fan and plus original funkadelics eddie hazel, and billy bass nelson held the whole groove down that's why this soundtrack is helluva funkdafied fire a classic every song on here is a classic and far from disco which sadly is a category rose royce fell under in later years.

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