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Mummy, The



Mummy, The (1959)

Franz Reizenstein 

Released in:

Great, overlooked score.
Bret Wheadon (February 8, 2002)
I was a bit shocked when I tried to search for this soundtrack in the database, and it wasn't even listed! This Hammer film is considered one of the finest films the company produced, thanks in no small part to the commanding score the Franz Reizenstein wrote. The main theme, blending orchestral anc choral voices, is instantly memorable, and the composer's continued use of chorus throughout the score, as well as brass punctuation, give the music a richness and thickness that other Hammer films seem to lack.
GDI Records has also done a bang-up job with the release of these old Hammer scores. Each release has a fat, full-color booklet, including interviews with the composer, production overview, forewords by the starring actors, and plot synopsis.
I highly recommend this score to fans of the horror genre, and other film music collectors.

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