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Behind Enemy Lines



Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

Don Davis 

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A Brilliant Score
Godwin Borg (July 17, 2005)
The name of Don Davis is mostly associated with the Matrix trilogy, however he has scored far many more scores than most people happen to think. This is not only one ofthe most sought filmscore promotional releases but also the score that really got my attention on this composer and since then I am a fan of his. Davis manages to blend the big orchestral 'voice' with modern electronically produced sounds and rhythms in a way that very few manage to wed with such eloquence and taste! This partiular score contains 23 cues for a length of almost 70 minutes of beautiful, gripping music, alternating moments of uptempo heroic themes with shriling string sections that accompany the darker, more tense parts. A score that will keep you there from the very first till the last track (the last track being a reprise of the beautiful, somber sung introduction). An absolutely brilliant score and a must for all fans of the genre. Fans of miltary scores (especially Jerry Goldsmith's) are the people most likely to love this score. A much deserved five out of five and a bravo Maestro!

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