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Phone Booth



Phone Booth (2002)

Harry Gregson-Williams 

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The drum Beat is on this soundtrack
The track called Times Square is the song that plays the cool drum beat that someone was asking for.

Nice Score
The score music by Harry Gregson-Williams is very nice! But I really hoped the CD would feature that cool drum & bass tune heard in the beginning of the movie (right after the Operator) and in the beginning of the end credits just before the "Six Days" song.

Could anyone tell me the namf of the artist and the title of that drum & bass composition?

Down for the Count
HGW was orchestrator and arranger for such as Stanley Myers and Hans Zimmer, while learning the secrets of the trade. He worked with Zimmer in"Broken Arrow","As Good As It Gets"and "Smilla's..."before scoring full name. After"The Replacement Killers", he teamed up with Trevor Rabin for "Enemy of the State"and with John Powell for"Ant Z"and"Chicken Run"."Spy Game"showed, beyond a doubt,he had his own voice, and what a voice.
Which brings us to"Phone Booth".And what is this?It has nothing to do with his previous work,Zimmer's style or anything I've ever heard.This new score is...original,to say the least.I'ts made of strange moods provided by electronic percussions and little more.The problem is:does it always pay off to be different?We gotta be honest:even though the music serves the movie well and it has that unique feel,when you put the CD running and close your eyes, it doesn't sound like much.Tracks never seem to pick up and they are interrupted before they establish the tone.
It sounds good, but it's like half a score.HGW can do a lot better.

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