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Ring, The



Ring, The (2002)

Hans Zimmer, James Michael Dooley (additional music), Henning Lohner (additional music) 

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Very strong, muscular score.
Alex (June 22, 2006)
I'm not a huge Hans Zimmer fan. Most of his stuff is to grandios for my liking. With 2002's "The Ring", however, he supplements the film with a dark and atmospheric score that for the most part is very strong, sometimes even excellent.
I own two CD's--the score for the first "Ring", which, though clocking in at just over twenty-four minutes, is a all-around fine album featuring all the best cues from the film and no "filler tracks". The CD I'm basing my review off of, the less-obscure Ring/Ring 2 album, has some very well-composed, often beautiful tracks--"The Well", the first (and longest I believe, running something like 11 minutes) tracks is one of the best, with the second track--"Before You Die You See The Ring"--following in a close second. Tracks 3-9 range from filler-fluff to genuinely scary (I believe it's "She Never Sleeps" that uses streaking violins and contorted sounds to great effect). Tracks 10-12 are very cheesy, combining orchestral cues heard elsewhere on the disc with new-age strings and electronic beats. The combination is NOT effective and while the tracks are fun to listen to in a goofy sort of way, they hinder the dark atmosphere built by earlier tracks quite substantially.
Another complaint is the discs length--at over 63 minutes it feels like a bloated piece of work, and whiles there IS a lot to like here, it comes across like a bottle of fine wine--just too much to digest in one swig.

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