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Bruce Almighty



Bruce Almighty (2003)

John Debney 

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Please Let Me Know!!!
Well, I'm looking for the song in this movie which plays when Grace(bruce's girl friend) is angry with Bruce & she's in the Coffee shop buying a coffee..n she sees the signs reminding her of Bruce...the song which is playing in the background when she enters the coffee shop isn't listed in the soundtrack as "I'm with you" isn't either...will anybody let me know which song is it? Please!!! I'll really appreciate that! Thank You!

Pretty decent
What was the song that played when Bruce turned on the stereo? Thanks.

For a music fan from germany who signs as Lena
Regarding the songs for the movie entitled " Bruce Almighty", here you are the Non-Original Music by
Avril Lavigne (Song "I'm With You")
Cyril Ornabel (Song "If I ruled the world")
Vangelis (Song "Chariots of Fire")
In fact, all of this music was not included in the CD for the amazing soundtrack by John Debney.
I wish I was able to help you with this report,
Juan Carlos Zalaquett

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