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Coma (1978)

Jerry Goldsmith 

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Coma gets long awaited justice.
by a soundtrack collector (November 22, 2005)
For years, the 1978 film 'Coma' has been well looked upon by many a film lover in study. The same can be said about the magnificent score composed by Jerry Goldsmith, fresh from winning an oscar for 'The Omen' just a year and a half before, Goldsmith was given the opportunity to compose a score so different, for a film as different as the challenge of the score was to be.
"Coma" was a standard setter - it's content, of conspiracy and murder in the going ons of a Boston Hospital had never been executed previously, and thusly, the film needed a strong vibrant backbone to with stand the pressures of the course which were to take place.
For this, Jerry composed a solid, all over the place score that, had both validity and tone, and held it's own when first being introduced a little under halfway through the movie. His score is vibrant, and uses musical resources of all sorts, from piano, to flute, to strings, to some synths. Lovely is the Love theme(now knowns as cape cod weekend) and terrifying are the action cues O.R. 8(Toys in the Attic) and Chance Encounter. A score of both beautiful velocity and tense atmosphere.

What is so great to be said now, is that, after years of being out of print, this soundtrack is back - with a vengeance. FSM Silver Age classics released the complete score is a grandiose remastered, newly mixed, and painstakingly put together CD that for the first time displays the full score(and a few other suprises) how they were meant to be listened to. Packed with track by track commentary, and liner notes to boot, this new CD is one of the best renditions of a Goldsmith album reissue I think I have ever purchased. And the best part is that it's all there, from the chilling Jefferson theme, to the beautiful and aesthetic love themes, to the previously unreleased Jefferson chase music and a few other unheard cues, to the finale cue. And all are in top form.

I guess I am too sentimental, but this soundtrack, one overlooked by some and underlooked by many, should have had this release coming years ago, and almost did with that disgraceful Chapter III records release, and is so true to the fine art of film music, it is for all tastes, and I for one just knew that one day this score would see the light of day in all it's glory, now we all can bask in it!

So sit back, a book to read, or a glass of wine in hand, and enjoy the score of 'Coma' the way it was meant to be listened to, solitary, emotional, and neverending!

by a soundtrack collector (January 20, 2003)
I have yet to really hear the Logan's Run soundtrack but I have always like Coma, to me it is definately dated in area's mainly the LOVE THEME but all in all it is very vibrant and makes you feel like your in another realm.
Jerry Goldsmith is as excellant a composer as John Williams, Coma is one score that while being dated in some area's is an excellant form of the UNIQUE! deep dark tones and a blend of instrument patterns just set the mood right on. I definately wouldn't want to hear it while being in a hospital cause I think I would have nightmares! ha ha,

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