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Star Wars



Star Wars (1977)

John Williams 

Released in:

John Williams
Bret Wheadon (June 9, 2001)
What can be said of John Williams' music for "Star Wars"
that hasn't been said before? This breakthrough score, with
the composer blending influences as divergent as Wagner and
Korngold, resurrected orchestral film music in the 1977,
and film music has never looked back. The triumphant opening
titles are immortal, majestic and powerful, instantly
electrifying, while the softer, 'leit motif' themes written
for Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi are pastoral and effortless.
And the infamously "Cantina" sequence, with John
Williams riffing on how aliens would interpret big band
swing music is delightful. "Star Wars" sounds as fresh and vibrant today
as it did when first released, and no collection of film
music can be counted complete without it.

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