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Sleepy Hollow



Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Danny Elfman 

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Dense and atmospheric score.
Bret Wheadon (June 9, 2001)
Danny Elfman has long been known as a particularly quirky
and distinctive composer, whose scores range from carnival
pipe organ ditties, to wild madcap romps, to dark and savage
action scores. Sleepy Hollow is different; while still
retaining all the trademark Elfman flair, it's an eerie
exploration using strings, percussion, and the distinctive
sound of young wordless voices sighing and wailing in
sympathetic tones. At times it reminded me strongly of Eliott Goldenthal's
truly frightening score for "Pet Sematary," yet Elfman stays
closer to recognizable harmonics for "Sleepy Hollow," never
veering too far from standard film score practices. A memorable
and accomplished work, well worth hearing.

Disturbingly beautiful
Tim Ebicilio (June 9, 2001)
This is one strange kind of score to listen at. Not because it is not good cause this is excellent. The only problem i have with this score is that almost every track ends on a somber or threat threathening note. While it works in the movie it's hard to listen at. Other then that it's clearly to hear that Elfman is still going strong. Another great score and highly reccomendable.

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