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Mission To Mars



Mission To Mars (2000)

Ennio Morricone 

Released in:

Reaches for the stars--amazing score,
Alex (June 15, 2006)
Cheesy metaphores aside, I really do think this is a great, great soundtrack. Morricone, despite being responsible for close to 500 scores, delivers a soundtrack that not only elevates the film, but stands alone as awe-inspiring and entirely original.
The themes are very distinct, blending many mediums (orchestral, choir, electronic) to deliver a sci-fi score that works beautifully with or without the movie.
Though the first track on this album ("A Heartbeat in Space") is very cheesy, this does nothing to hinder the otherwise beautiful album.
Great stuff. Moving, unique, but definitely an aquired taste--you'll either love this score of think it's crap.
And I feel bad for those who fall into that later category...
A must-own.

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