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Sirens (1994)

Rachel Portman 

Released in:

Both quaint and hauntingly beautiful
by a soundtrack collector (May 7, 2009)
The only reason this soundtrack does not get the full five stars, is that like many other Portman or John Barry scores- its repetitive- but its a GORGEOUS theme to repeat! To match the mood and "backwoodsy-ness" of the setting, Portman puts in some good, down home fun cues for us, letting us think on an artist in the outback of Australia- cues like March Part of the Kitchen Utensils, Sam Sawnoff's Pipe and Sam Sawnoff's Horn are light-hearted and indeed convey a sense of the "rural" in the early 1900's.

The main theme. however, is first introduced in the appropriately titled "Yearning- Sirens Suite" which is a sweeping, romantic theme perfect for the "sexual awakening" and waning conservatism of Victorian additudes. It peaks and goes a little into the more lighthearted theme and kind of roles the other minor themes into one track.

In the movie, the actresses become "fantasy" characters- in one the artist models are fairies and this is perfectly backdropped by "Mysterioso", a small tribute to the main theme with great elements of ethereal and celestial elements added in. In another, the central character being Hylas and the supporting actresses being the nymphs, and the track of the same name is again blessed with the sweeping theme but becomes more "mature" somehow.

So in conclusion, this is one not to be missed. The movie had beautiful imagery and had the perfect score to accompany it.

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