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Del Paxton "Time to Blow" album please!

I know it's been many years since the release of "That Thing You Do", but now
that I'm starting to get into jazz a little bit, I thought it would be so cool if a real
"Time to Blow" album by "Del Paxton" could also be released, especially on vinyl,
with the same artwork that the character Guy Patterson showed briefly in the
film, and featuring the "Time to Blow" song (yeah, I know it was on the TTYD
soundtrack, but still...), the fast jazz piece played in the nightclub scene, the
Del/Guy improv toward the end of the film, and a number of original jazz
compositions similar to "Time to Blow". I know this would be a long shot, and
I've already contacted Play-Tone's parent label, Rhino, so it probably won't
happen, but again, who would have thought the Richard Donner cut of Superman
II would see the light of day?

dcornibe, December 15, 2021; 12:52 AM

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