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Isolated Score

Has anyone managed to rip the isolated score from the DVD release?

Also, I have submitted the label for the cassette version of the soundtrack as well as I have the tape and scanned the jcard for it to be inserted upon approval.

jeremy, April 10, 2008; 12:54 PM


No need to rip the isolated track.
The second disc of the Numenorean Music release is very much the same.
Look for it on e-bay, where it often pops up.
Or buy it here:

rinse_dream, April 10, 2008; 3:55 PM

Yea, they are on eBay all the time, but they are outrageous in price. It would be different if money was actually going to Henson, but seeing as these are after market sellers, I'll wait to find one cheap. I have already bought the original soundtrack 3 times in 3 different formats! :)

jeremy, April 10, 2008; 4:14 PM

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