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Gregg Alexander

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Date of Birth: 1972, Gross Point, Michigan, USA
Lead singer of New Radicals. Was a rebel when he was younger. At the age of 15, he bought a four-track tape recorder and began distributing home-made demos at school. By the time he was 17, Alexander was living in California and had released his 1989 debut, "Michigan Rain", under his own name. Three years later, he released the equally obscure follow-up, "Intoxifornication". Alexander continued a lifestyle of wanderlust that found him criss-crossing America 12 times and living in London, all the while clubbing extensively. After settling in New York City and busking in Central Park and Tompkins Square Park, Alexander started to assemble a band of musicians that he had met through his travels, including television actress, Danielle Brisebois. 

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