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Born in 1965 in Issy les Moulineaux, France.

Study : piano & percussion at Orsay school of music and musicology at the Sorbonne University (Paris). I wrote my first music for documentaries with "adventure": a program of 52 episodes introduced by Christopher Reeves 1988.

After that, in 1987/88 I worked with Katia & Maurice Kraft, the famous volcanologists who died during an exploration, and I wrote a lot of music for the movies they made. Meeting Nicolas Matton, son of the very great painter and filmdirector Charles Matton, was determinant for me.

An other way opening to me : arrangements for other composers or musicians. I did my new job with the National Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and it worked out very well. I also wrote arrangements for Cheb Kader, one of the famous Raî singers, and Vanille, an interesting singer from Réunion Island.

My collaboration with the National Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra continued for all the film music I wrote.

In 2003 I wrote the music for a very interesting French-Canadian movie, "Mission Arctique", about the Sedna IV travel across the "Passage du Nord-Ouest" (only 4 boats did it) and directed by Jean lemire (Biologist). was made in Franco-Canadian production. I performed the music with my own Chamber Music Orchestra, mixed with the sound of a synthetiser I played. The result was very good and the movie obtained an important succes.

Also in 2003 I wrote music for a movie about the voyage of Sonia and Alexandre Poussin across Africa. Since the start on the 1st of January 2000, they walked more than 14,000 km from Cape-Town (South Africa) to Jerusalem (Israël) and they'll probably arrive there around february 2004. I wrote a lot of music for 10 documentaries about this amazing trip, not only for the movie but also for the DVD.

Hervé Postic - December 2003.  

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