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Born in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain in 1972.

Diego Navarro performs his first composition for two guitars at the age of 13 at the German classical music contest “Wir musizieren” winning the first prize in Chamber Music. After some self-taught years in guitar and piano, he starts his official studies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife´s Higher Conservatoire. After four years he also begins his studies with David Goldsmith and the Trinity College of London, obtaining the highest grades in his piano exams.

In 1996, the Berklee College of Music (Boston) one of the most prestigious contemporary music schools, grants him the “Outstanding Musicianship Award” together with a scholarship given by the Composition Department.

In December 2000 he passes the Advanced Certificate in Piano with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. It is important to outline his self-taught education in composition and orchestration.

His creative resources led him to ambitious projects such as the formation of the Young Classical Orchestra that he conducted in his early twenties with Bach’s No. 1 concert in A minor for violin, string orchestra and continuous, Mozart’s symphony No. 14 in A major and Navarro’s Veni Creator first performance. This sacred piece for 4 soloists, mixed choir and classical orchestra received a remarkable review that drew the attention of an international record company which is willing to record his symphonic and choral works since then.

Navarro combines composition for both concerts and chamber music with film scoring. He has a wide background in audiovisual jobs such as television spots, short and documentary films. For the scenic world he has also composed several works for theater plays standing out his composition for the election of Tenerife’s Carnival Queen, commissioned by the local Government. The release of this symphonic piece was and still is unique in Carnivals, Tenerife’s most famous and popular event known worldwide.

On June 24th 2000 Navarro performs his symphonic suite La Tercera Cruzada, an ambitious and pioneering project and a tribute to adventure and epic films, obtaining again astonishing reviews from musicologist. His job has been appraised and highly recommended by famous orchestra conductors such as Peter Maag, Antoni Ros Marbá and prestigious musicians like David Paul Martin, Ray Santisi, Browyng Evans, etc.

Navarro has composed the original soundtrack for a promotional trailer on the orders of Morena Films and Canal +, top Spanish producers. This overproduction is a TV serial made of gothic horror stories, very much like Tim Burton’s style. Navarro’s composition, based on his symphonic poem Medea, has been highly appreciated in the U.S.A film factory.

Recently, Navarro has composed, orchestrated and conducted the original soundtrack of Time Gate ( Puerta del Tiempo), a cartoon film based on the drawings of Spain’s most respected and prestigious illustrator: Antonio Mingote. Navarro has personally taken care of the whole musical production making the most ambitious original soundtrack ever recorded in Spain, with 130 musicians between orchestra and choir and a crew of 10 different professionals between score editors, producers, sound engineers and technicians. This is a key point considering that currently most Spanish film scores are recorded abroad. Navarro has made a new breach in film score recording proving that musical overproductions are also possible in Spain.

After Time Gate post-production works, which will be internationally distributed, Navarro will start working on his following commissions.  

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