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Since 1993 Francesco de Luca and Alessandro Forti compose music togheter. They have been composing and perfoming for theatre, television and cinema. Their compositions reflect a style that blends classical, pop, and ethno-jazz influences.

Francesco de Luca.
Graduated with honors in Guitar at Musicians Institute (GIT), Los Angeles, California. University degree with first class (110/110) in contemporary Italian Literature at University “La Sapienza” of Roma.

Alessandro Forti.
Graduated in Piano and Choir Conducting at Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia of Roma. He also attended the Orchestration training course of Maestro Vieri Tosatti and the seminar of conducting orchestra of Maestro Leonard Bernstein at Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia of Roma (1989).

Francesco de Luca & Alessandro Forti are also credited as:
Alephra (for their ethnical /World music).
Comedy of Life (for their electronic/pop oriented music).  

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