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Jeehun Hwang

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Korea (South) 

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Born in Korea, Jeehun Hwang spent most of his childhood moving from one country to the next, until he finally moved to America with his family in 1987. Fascinated by the piano at an early age, he would figure out tunes on the piano with no guidance and shocked everyone by performing classical and popular music as if he had been training for years. After picking up the guitar, Jeehun spent time writing his own music and forming a band. Despite some early success with the band, he chose to go to college instead of pursuing music professionally. During his final year at the prestigious Stanford University studying political science and psychology, he decided to put his academic pursuit on hold and headed to Hollywood. Thus began Jeehun's musical journey, in his possession nothing but his guitar, his motorcycle and a dream.

Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Jeehun labored building a band and took an entry-level job at video game development company Activision. When he saw that they were having trouble with music for a vital upcoming title, Jeehun took a big gamble by selling his car to buy a keyboard to make 'demo' tracks. Blown away by Jeehun's genre blending music, Activision bought him additional gear and let him tackle the entire soundtrack. That monster success was MECHWARRIOR 2. Jeehun's work on MECHWARRIOR 2 is often credited with setting a new standard in video game music with its atmospheric and highly unconventional score that helped it to be named 'Best Game of the Year' and the music, 'Best Music of the Year' following its release. After scoring over 15 titles for Activision, Jeehun left the video game world to focus on his own songwriting, producing, and scoring for film and television.

In addition to collaborating with some of the hottest artists in town as a composer, music producer and artist, Jeehun found himself spreading his entrepreneurial wings. He founded Doxon Entertainment, which was comprised of a talent management company, modeling agency, and music and film production companies. He also invested in several restaurants and nightclubs, one of which he ran for many years. He has since liquidated all his businesses to focus on music.

Jeehun's film music credits include the independent films TART and SEE JANE RUN, and the project that introduced him to James Cameron, JAMES CAMERON'S EXPEDITION: BISMARCK. Following the success of this Emmy winning documentary, Jeehun was pleased to rejoin Cameron for his latest project, ALIENS OF THE DEEP, scheduled to be released in IMAX theatres on January 28, 2005. Asked about working for Cameron, Jeehun says, "not only do I have enormous respect for Jim's unified vision and his relentless perfectionism, but those traits made composing much easier - there was no guess work involved."  

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