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Scott Glasgow

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United States 

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Born in Fairport, New York, USA.

Award winning composer, Scott Glasgow has been living and working in Hollywood since 2001 after moving from San Francisco where he earned his Masters from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

In 2001, Scott was awarded the ASCAP fellowship to study film scoring at the Aspen Music Festival with John Corigliano and record with David Zinman's Conducting Orchestra twice. In 2002, Scott was also a finialist in the Turner Classic Film Scoring Contest.

In the past couple years, Scott has worked with film composers as varied as Christopher Young (Shipping News), Bruce Broughton (Silverado), Elia Cmiral (Ronin), Jeff Rona (Mothman Prophocies), Michael Levine (Cold Case) and Philip Giffin (BoomTown). While in San Francisco Scott worked as an assistant to Michael Tilson Thomas (Conductor of the San Francisco Symphony) summer of 1998 and studied conducting with Denis deCoteau of the San Francisco Ballet which allowed him to work on Elliot Goldenthal's "Othello". Also during the time in San Francisco, Scott worked up at the George Lucas Companies (LucasArts & Sykwalker Sound).

Before that Scott has seven years working at Classical Record Labels such as harmonia mundi, Sony Classical, EMI classics, Delos International and other Classical Record Labels. As for "Concert Music", Scott has written a diversified collection of music for chamber groups (piano trio, wind quintet, solo pieces), opera, orchestra, choir and other mixed ensembles. He was also involved as one of the primary composers of the "Music Theater Collective" which was a non-profit organization in San Francisco that put on concerts for young composers.

Scott has worked in many post-production studios (Skywalker Sound, Fantasy Studios and Sony Pictures Studios) and owns his own powerful home studio running multiple computers (ProTools & Gigastudio). He has been hired on many occasions to build studios or work for other major film composers. Scott has also been through the prestigious ASCAP Film Scoring Program in 2004 which culminates in a recording session at the famed Newman scoring stage at 20th Century Fox with some of the best players in LA. Scott currently resides in Hollywood where he pursues his career.

* Studies: Conducting & Composition.
* Studied and played a 12-course Renaissance Lute with John Schneiderman at UCI.
* Worked for the record label 'Harmonia Mundi USA' in San Francisco, California.
* Once in a band with Tim Commerford of "Rage Against the Machine" & "Audio Slave".
* Main Instrument: Guitar (classical & electric) & plucked instruments.  

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