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I want to find out the name and artist of this soundtrack..

The problem is that I dont have a link.. but I can play it in my head..
It is A soundtrack used in (sci-fi) and (mysterious) themed videos
It is just a soundtrack no vocals whatsoever.
It starts slow and builds up and then there is repetitive record
scratching and this makes this soundtrack very distinctive.
The rythem never becomes faster it just steady all the way.
This soundtrack is conveniently used in videos about extraterrestrials
but also sometimes used in conspiracy videos.
I first ever heard it was probably around the early millennium.
What makes this track special is that it gives the INTRIGUING vibe to
any footage used with.
It is a fairly common track used at this time so im not requesting
anything obscure type of thing., May 21, 2021; 1:46 PM

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