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Under The Volcano (1984) trailer music?


Does anyone know who composed the music featured in the trailer for this movie:


I recognise the mood but cannot put a potential name to it, no luck looking anywhere else either.

dnlthrntn, June 26, 2021; 9:42 PM


Under the Volcano/Music composed by Alex North

Googled it

mkorenhof, June 27, 2021; 8:26 PM

It sounds like Vangelis. Or even Maurice Jarre playing with some synths. It could be a theme taken from some kind of music library. Maybe anonymous.

Alex North composed the movie score, but not the trailer music. That's pretty obvious.

angeldibujo, July 1, 2021; 1:46 AM

Thanks angeldibujo.

Does anyone know of any library collections of this Vangelis/Jarre style earlyish 80's synth scores they can recommend?

dnlthrntn, July 21, 2021; 4:18 PM

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