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Selling huge inventory of LPs, Questions, Advice & Comments Welcome

I've got an inventory of about 2700 different titles of mostly 70's and 80's factory SEALED soundtrack LPs. I'm not a soundtrack collector, so I'm looking to possibly sell items individually or in bulk. Any questions, comments, ideas, etc. are welcome...Thanks, Michael

mike70800, November 26, 2021; 2:53 AM

Response to advice, comments, selling huge inventory of LPs

A possible list please? If not a list of John Williams with prices?

manosque34, November 30, 2021; 9:15 AM

Response to advice, comments, selling huge inventory of LPs

Thanks for responding!!. I do have an old spreadsheet that is a bit outdated, but it's very close to my actual inventory. All the LPs are alphabetical and accessible, so I can easily check my stock.

As for John Williams's a list of titles to start with that I have had, but would need to check on:

(1941, Adventures of a young man, Close encounters, Deer hunter, E.T., Eiger Sanction, Empire of the Sun, Fiddler on the roof, Fury, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Jaws 2, John Wayne and the cowboys, Lost angels, Monsignor, Raiders of the lost ark, River, Star Wars (various titles), Stevie, Superman 1 and 2, Tom Sawyer, Witches of Eastwick, Yes Giorgio, Dracula, and Heidi (TV).

If you have any specific titles you are looking for please let me know in case I missed something in my spreadsheet :-)

mike70800, December 3, 2021; 5:15 AM

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