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I want to create my own blog about music where I will create/play the songs it with a friend/boyfriend and so on. So I will make videos, my question is I should post text after it or not.

If I should create text at which I am not the best how I should make it? Some advice, please!

Thank you in advance for your help, have a nice day!!!

kathy.graham78, December 29, 2021; 3:26 PM


I think that you need to post a text after your video.

lilybaileyahc, December 29, 2021; 3:27 PM

I think that you should post a text after the video where you will tell about the process or some tips, is up to you, but I always like to read the text which comes after the video. And it isn't a major problem if you aren't good at writing text because there are many services that can help you with that. You can read the reviews of PaperTrue on to find out more about this editing service which I also use to edit my essays. I hope that I was helpful.

colinarnoldjt13, January 20, 2022; 3:18 PM

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