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The Batman - Rambling Records pressed CDs

Online retailer Ark-Square is selling pressed CD versions of The Batman. Is it a
bootleg? By all accounts WaterTower has only released CDRs and online digital
versions of this score. The CD in question is released by "Rambling Records".
Anyone ever heard of them? Any thoughts?

filmdude, March 14, 2022; 9:27 PM


Rambling Records is official long running Japanese music label.
Do not worry it is official release, no bootleg.

All the best

longinusmdporter, April 4, 2022; 7:50 AM

An Ebayer from Florida /USA is selling the imported factory pressed

toxictommy2000, April 14, 2022; 2:55 AM

toxictommy2000, April 14, 2022; 2:56 AM

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