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Cars 1: Cast & Crew Score/Cars 1: Complete Score Soundtrack

1. Opening Race (FYC promo album)
2. McQueen's Dinoco Daydream (missing score)
3. Victory Lane (missing score)
4. Rusty Cars (missing score)
5. Lightning's Lost (FYC promo album)
6. Sheriff Chases McQueen (missing score)
7. Into Town (FYC promo album)
8. Holy Porsche (missing score)
9. The Mother Road (missing score)
10. Bessie (FYC promo album)
11. McQueen Tries to Escape (missing score)
12. McQueen pulls Bessie (missing score)
13. Customers (FYC promo album)
14. Chick's Dinoco Daydream (missing score)
15. Doc's Challenge (FYC promo album)
16. The Race (FYC promo album)
17. Spin Out (FYC promo album)
18. McQueen fixes the Road (missing score)
19. New Road (FYC promo album)
20. Tractor Tripping (FYC promo album)
21. Frank (FYC promo album)
22. Mater's Backwards Driving (missing score)
23. My Best Friend (missing score)
24. McQueen's Dinoco Nightmare (missing score)
25. Doc's Three Piston Cups (missing score)
26. McQueen and Sally (FYC promo album)
27. I Fell in Love... With This (missing score)
28. Tractor Stampede (missing score)
29. Doc Racing (FYC promo album)
30. Doc's Past (missing score)
31. Luigi and Guido's First Customer (missing score)
32. Goodbye (FYC promo album)
33. Piston Cup Pageantry (FYC promo album)
34. Gas Can is My Middle Name (missing score)
35. McQueen gets Distracted (missing score)
36. The Final Race (FYC promo album)
37. Guido's Turn (FYC promo album)
38. An Empty Cup (FYC promo album)
39. Declining Dinoco (missing score)
40. Mater's Helicopter Ride (missing score)
41. A Real Ferrai (missing score)
42. Back On the Map (missing score)

If anyone can find me a digital copy, a download link or a .RAR File containing this
hard-to-find album I'd be very grateful if you do.

aidenthesteamie, May 14, 2022; 4:54 AM

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