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John Williams hints at retirement from film music, says new score might be his last

In a new interview, the legendary film music composer suggests he might be writing his final score.

Movie music maestro John Williams has given his strongest hint yet at retirement, and that film music’s greatest and most illustrious career might be nearing its final chapter.

In an interview published on Thursday by Associated Press, the 90-year-old reflected on his work in film. Williams said “At the moment I’m working on Indiana Jones 5, which Harrison Ford – who’s quite a bit younger than I am – I think has announced will be his last film.”

He then hinted it may be the same case for him: “I thought: If Harrison can do it, then perhaps I can, also.”

A Star Wars film demands six months of work, he said. “At this point in life [that] is a long commitment to me.”

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Alongside the score to Indiana Jones 5, Williams is currently devoting himself to composing more music for the concert hall, including a piano concerto for long-time collaborator and friend, American virtuoso pianist Emanuel Ax.

mkorenhof, July 6, 2022; 12:56 PM


John Williams began his brilliant career in music as a jazz pianist on the Kapp
records label in 1957. He was only 25 when he recorded his first LP album under
the name John Towner because Kapp had another Williams artist named Roger and
they didn't want to confuse their customers. It's called The John Towner Touch on
Kapp KL-1055 and is extremely rare. His transition to composer of unforgettable
soundtrack music is a great fortune to his many fans world-wide.

lilbrucems44, October 23, 2022; 1:41 AM

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