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Looking for "Gorky Park" by Horner (Intrada edition)


looking for Horners "Gorky park" released by Intrada some years ago.

Have for trade:

Nevada Smith: The Paramount western collection (LLL)

The Franz waxman collection (Intrada, ISC 390)

The Caine Mutiny (Steiner, ISC 382)

Jaws 2 (Williams, ISC 331)

Conan the barbarian (Poledouris, MAF 7123)

Rocketeer (Horner, ISC 455)

Green Mansions (Kaper, FSM)

Star Trek (Goldsmith, LLL)

Bernard Herrmann: the film scores on Phase 4)

Most are still sealed. If interested send me a mail under: peter (dot)
goerres (at) osnanet (dot) de


peter-anselm, October 29, 2022; 6:28 PM

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