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Night Moves on cd?

Does anyone have the soundtrack to Night Moves featuring John Barry on cd?

hurricane_johnny, July 10, 2005; 2:51 AM


I used to own that soundtrack on lp. It was released by Full Moon/Warner Bros Records. The lp was released in the late '70s/early '80's. I don't think it was ever rereleased on cd. Even when cds started being released I don't think it was ever put back in print for a cd release

aclockwork_oranges71, July 10, 2005; 10:51 AM

I'm very aware of the fact that no official cd has been made. It's been my experience though that someone has a vinyl transfer sitting around somewhere.

hurricane_johnny, July 10, 2005; 4:06 PM

I should be grateful if either hurrricane_johnny or aclockwork oranges71 could elucidate ....

As a fan and collector of the works of John Barry for 35+ years I have never associated him with "Night Moves". I assume you mean the Gene Hackman/Arthur Penn movie from 1975.

Did this one just pass me by (I have seen the movie at least twice) or am I missing the point?

Many thanks in anticipation for clarification.

Mitch, July 11, 2005; 12:30 PM

The correct title is "Inside Moves."

, July 11, 2005; 8:54 PM

Boy, am I an idiot. Yes, Inside Moves. Sorry for the mix-up.
Though I do blame Bob Seger for the confusion.

hurricane_johnny, July 12, 2005; 4:45 AM

I'm so so sorry hurricane_ johnny!
I thought the album you where talking about was Inside Moves. Inside Moves is what my reply was about not Night Moves. Dam!
I looked up Night Moves and I don't see it on the Soundtrack Collector's database?

I used to have Inside Moves soundtrack lp.
I see that your mistake was taking Inside Moves for some non excisting movie titled Night Moves.
I'm sorry about the mistake!

aclockwork_oranges71, July 12, 2005; 6:46 AM

Night Moves main title is available on this CD "Screenthemes II"

laurentsoyer, July 15, 2005; 4:05 PM

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