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Rookie of the Year - Have you received it?

I ordered this a while ago and at the moment, the status of my order is still "In process". Is anyone having the same problem or have already received their cd?

matngkl, March 23, 2006; 5:42 PM


I bought mine through Intrada and received my last Saturday (18Mar06)

hammon, March 23, 2006; 8:54 PM

I ordered Ghostbusters on March 6th, and my order is still "In process" as well. The Varese web site states that "CDs will begin shipping on March 16," and I was informed that each order is shipped in the order in which it was received, so ours will probably be shipped out very soon. This was also the case the past few times that I ordered Club CDs from Varese: they usually ship about one week after the official ship date. Perhaps this is because they ship the CDs out to the "wholesale" (aka, other online retailers) customers first, but I'm not sure. Seeing as how I'm only about 2 hours' drive away from Studio City, CA, where Varese is located, maybe I should have asked if I could just come in and pick it up in person. ;-)

American.Nightmare, March 23, 2006; 8:55 PM

I also ordered Ghostbusters (which was released in the same day) from the Varese site and the order status is "In process", as well. Don't panic... yet :)

nelson.bvsa, March 23, 2006; 11:08 PM

I received my copy of Ghostbusters three days ago, direct from, although I too had "in process" for some time past the official release date. Maybe Varese Sarabande take a bit longer in the US...

bentleyjames52, March 23, 2006; 10:59 PM

I received mine today. They were shipped from Studio City, CA and I'm in Arizona. They didn't have to travel very far.

hkchris, March 24, 2006; 2:41 AM


I ordered three of the four new limited cd's on the day they came out and received them all about 10 days later.

Best Regards,
David Phoenix, AZ.

deg63iami, March 24, 2006; 2:49 AM

Ordered all 4 of the releases shortly after midnight the day they were announced. (3 A.M. in my part of the US) All 4 arrived yesterday in Motown. Rookie of the Year and An Almost Perfect Affair have already been played on my office cd player. What fun discs they are too. Return to Peyton Place is up next and Ghostbusters will be last.

ragar01, March 24, 2006; 3:16 AM

I ordered Ghostbusters and Rookie of the Year on March 6. They were shipped on March 17. I received an e-mail conformation on March 20 and both discs on March 22.

fawvincent, March 24, 2006; 12:43 PM

I received my copy of Rookie of the Year yesterday, it's excellent! I hope more Conti cds come out soon.

shoppingnell, March 25, 2006; 10:41 PM


I finally received a shipment confirmation yesterday (Friday, 3/24) from Varese, so hopefully I will receive Ghostbusters on Monday...WHOOPEE!

American.Nightmare, March 26, 2006; 12:31 AM

Same here! I should get Ghostbusters and Rookie of the Year on Tuesday, along with the others I had ordered...

sabbey123, March 26, 2006; 5:10 AM

...rec'vd Ghostbusters on Monday, 3/27, and I've been humming the theme ever since. Da, da da, da da DA da... Don't worry...I'm sure you're package will arrive soon.

American.Nightmare, March 30, 2006; 10:40 AM

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