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SoundtrackNet (
SoundtrackNet was founded in mid-1996 as an idea to centralize Internet resources relating to the genre of film and television music. With the World Wide Web becoming more and more confusing for the average user, developing centralized common sources for information and content seems to be the smartest way to adapt to this problem.
Film Score Monthly (
Film Score Monthly is America's leading magazine about motion picture and television music. Although song-oriented soundtrack albums are today bigger than ever, they are primarily interested in the background music - the instrumental underscores which play such an important part of the filmgoing experience.
Cinemusic Online (http:\\
Cinemusic Online is an electronic magazine dedicated to the promotion and sheer enjoyment of film music. (
Cinemusic is a german site with lots of information (in German) on soundtracks. It's got news, reviews, a forum and lots of other things.
ARVID Filmmuziek (
ARVID Filmmuziek is a Belgian website. It offers (in Dutch) a full concept of reviews, real audio, covers, background information and links.
Films in review (
The oldest film publication in the United States. The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures was formed in 1909. The Board's magazine has taken many forms, and even several names, over the decades. Films in Review has been its moniker for the last fifty years.
Filmtracks (
Filmtracks is a site full of soundtrack reviews, news, interviews, an audio library, composer tributes, sheet music etc.
Premiere (
This is a web magazine in the French language.
Soundtrack (
Soundtrack is a Belgian soundtrack site in the English language. They own also Prometheus, a record company that do an excellent job in producing rare soundtracks of famous composers.
Moviemusic ( is an online community of people improving their appreciation of movie music by engaging one another and discovering soundtracks, old and new.
TrackSounds! (
TrackSounds contains a lot of soundtrack reviews, a forum called The Dominium and a good news section. The site has been around since August 1998.
Celluloid Tunes (
"Celluloid Tunes" is a site dedicated to the art of film music. It has a list of 450 external film composer links (and increasing) which is the biggest on the net!
The Towering Inferno Archive (
Arjen van der Lely's excellent site with everything you always wanted to know about The Towering Inferno.
Score! (
Score! is a site about film music, which focuses on reviews of soundtracks, both new and old. The site is updated at least once a week, with new reviews, news, list of upcoming soundtrack releases and more. All reviews include tracklists, info and links for purchase. A majority of the reviews includes short sound clips, as well.
World Records Fairs (
This site aims to provide a complete database of record fairs, World Wide. It is a free service offered to collectors that will be continually updated.
Rock-n-Reel: The Music and Movie Database (
A User-maintained database of information pertaining to movies, celebrities, and the music from the movies. Features include trivia, links, reviews, and more.
Italian Soundtracks (
Nice site featuring the covers of more than 800 mostly Italian (but also French, Japanese, US and Eglish) soundtrack LPs. Also contains rare LPs for trade/sale.
Spy Bop Royale (
Spy Bop Royale is a site dedicated to the spy soundtracks of the 60's. You'll find sections on spy film music from the USA and abroad, album cover art, singles, and newer releases of old scores.
Soundtrack! (
Dutch review site of soundtracks including covers, track listings, detailed reviews and info on new and old soundtracks. ( is an independent internet radio station that provides the online community with the opportunity to listen to Original Motion Picture & Game Soundtracks through streaming MP3 technology.
Mundo BSO (
Spanish web site with thousands of film scores reviews, hundreds of film composers, where you can write, vote or participate.
Godzilla Monster Music (
A comprehensive site dedicated to the music from Japanese monster movies, as well as other related film music from Japan such as Horror, Science Fiction, Disaster, Samurai, etc. Includes synopsis, reviews, photos, track listings, and much more.
The Film Music Society (
The Film Music Society is a non-profit organization established by professionals in the film and music communities. The FMS promotes the preservation of film and television music in all of its manifestations, including published and unpublished scores, orchestrations, recordings and all related materials. It is the leading organization for film and television music preservation in the world, with members in eighteen countries.
Scorefilia ( is a Spanish website devoted to movie, TV, videogame and documentary orchestral scores. It contains reviews, composer biographies and detailed information about each CD.
Soundscape (
Danish film music review site with reviews in Danish and short abstracts in English. The only site in Denmark which features full length reviews of film music CD's. Also has composer biographies as well as entries on some of the more exotic instruments occasionally heard in film music.
OST Lyrics (
Lyrics to the latest Soundtracks.
Score Magacine (
Nice looking Spanish film music magazine.
Soundtrack.notes (
The Soundtrack Information Site.
Non-profit soundtrack database site, covering all sorts of soundtrack and score albums from movies, computer- and videogames, TV series, direct-to-video, anime and even musicals from Broadway, theatre or radio! You can browse albums by the subject title, compilations, score composers or bands and performing acts! Site is frequently updated with latest news and albums. Works best with Mozilla, Firefox, K-Meleon, Opera etc. (
A score guide with reviews, a composers database, news, interviews (in French)
Golden Scores (
Website of Tom Kiefner and Bregt DeLange that will focus on those older classic scores and recordings. It will also keep you up to date on the current news and scores. There will be something for everybody! In addition to reviews there will be a column and forum. Look forward to some contests with prizes as well as all sorts of surprises. (
The biggest web site in Poland about movie music. Reviews (in polish), sound clips, interviews, music shop.
Filmmusic Site (
Dedicated to the art of film and television music!
Soundtrack reviews, news, interviews, trailers and discussions.

Main Titles ( is a new place for film music listeners. Focusing on discussions and talking about all kinds of film music, it wants to be a little different from the rest.
NZ Videos (
A site about New Zealand movies with an interesting part with the soundtracks of most of that movies.