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Warm Bodies



Warm Bodies (2013)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Marco Beltrami
Buck Sanders

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Horror, Romance

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Red River Entertainment RRE-CD-050

Red River Entertainment RRE-CD-050  

United States 
Release Date

Also available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  Music For Airport Zombies (03:50)
2.  Into The Greenzone (01:30)
3.  Back To The Lair (03:34)
4.  Zombie March (01:24)
5.  Eating Vicariously (03:26)
6.  Why Me? (01:13)
7.  Run For It (02:24)
8.  For A Few Days More (01:08)
9.  Bad Brains / Zombie Wacker (02:53)
10.  Boney Chase (01:43)
11.  I Wanna Hold Your Hand (03:39)
12.  Marcus Sees The Light (02:10)
13.  Admission To Dream (05:03)
14.  Zombie Bros (03:40)
15.  Looking For Julie / Balcony Serenade (03:42)
16.  Walk Through Greenzone (02:01)
17.  Entering The Armory (02:40)
18.  Run From Dad / Zombies United (02:48)
19.  Run! / Zombie Saves (03:01)
20.  Marcus' Trump Stumps (01:19)
21.  Might As Well Jump (02:01)
22.  R Shot Alive (03:09)

Total Duration: 00:58:18
Track listing contributed by edern

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