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Closer You Get, The



Closer You Get, The (2000)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Rachel Portman

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Romance, Foreign

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RCA Records 63061 Image supplied by
Luis Rojas

RCA Records 63061  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 38
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  Track listing

1.  The Closer You Get (03:27)
2.  I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (03:36)
performed by The Proclaimers
3.  The Morning After (01:24)
4.  A New Look (00:44)
5.  A Kiss to Build a Dream On (03:03)
performed by Louis Armstrong
6.  Hope Springs Eternal (01:34)
7.  Tell Laura I Love Her (02:41)
performed by Ricky Valance
8.  At The Dance - Various (03:32)
9.  Why Wouldn't They ? (01:12)
10.  Sean & Ella (02:04)
11.  There's a Suit (02:57)
12.  Black is the Color (02:38)
performed by Mae McKenna/John Paricelli
13.  End Titles Suite (02:52)
14.  I Get the Sweetest Feeling (02:50)
performed by Jackie Wilson

Total Duration: 00:34:34
Track listing contributed by micjo197

Compilation Albums

Redial 465920 Image supplied by

Redial 465920  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Cider House Rules, The
 Marvin's Room
 Benny & Joon
 Where Angels Fear To Tread
 Joy Luck Club, The
 Ethan Frome
 Only You
 Life Is Sweet
 Great Moments In Aviaton
 War Of The Buttons

This label refers to the following compilation album:

Other information
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Collection: 9
Wish list: 6

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  Track listing

1.  THE CIDER HOUSE RULES (Main Titles) (02:11)
2.  GOOD-NIGHT, YOU KINGS OF NEW ENGLAND (from The Cider House Rules) (01:07)
3.  DENVER GOES OUT YONDER (from Beloved) (01:40)
4.  UHURU (from Beloved) (02:40)
5.  THE PICNIC (from Emma) (02:29)
6.  EMMA (End Titles) (01:34)
7.  THE CLOSER YOU GET (Main Titles) (03:24)
8.  RATCATCHER (02:31)
9.  SIRENS (02:52)
10.  MARVIN'S ROOM (Main Titles) (02:58)
11.  TALL TALES (from Marvin's Room) (03:02)
12.  THE WIG (from Marvin's Room) (03:34)
13.  BENNY AND JOON (02:47)
15.  THE STORY OF THE SWAN (from The Joy Luck Club) (02:37)
16.  ETHAN FROME (End Titles) (03:07)
17.  AUGIE'S PHOTOS (from Smoke) (02:29)
18.  VENICE (from Only You) (01:53)
19.  LIFE IS SWEET (Main Titles) (01:47)
20.  ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT (Main Titles) (01:31)
21.  GREAT MOMENTS IN AVIATION (End Titles) (03:52)
22.  CHASING THE FOX (from War of the Buttons) (03:29)
23.  WAR OF THE BUTTONS (End Titles) (03:47)

Total Duration: 01:01:51
Track listing contributed by angeldibujo

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