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Hidden Moon



Hidden Moon (2012)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Luis Enríquez Bacalov

Released in:

United States, Mexico

Also known as:
  • Luna Escondida
  • Luna Nascosta

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Varese Sarabande 302 067 280 8

Varese Sarabande 302 067 280 8  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  Hidden Moon (Luna Escondida Love Theme) (04:21)
2.  Miranda’s Broken Heart (01:44)
3.  Returning To Guanajuato (01:53)
4.  When The Flame Goes Out (02:32)
5.  Welcome Home (01:51)
6.  Please Forgive Me (03:41)
7.  My Parents’ Love Story (02:30)
8.  Tobías’ Serenade (El Vaivén de la Vida) (02:43)
9.  When The Past Haunts The Present (04:02)
10.  Through The Kissing Alley (02:15)
11.  I Still Love You (01:39)
12.  Making Candles (01:12)
13.  Best Friends (Como Me Gusta) (02:47)
14.  Victor’s Surprise (01:51)
15.  Falling In Love In Veracruz (¿Por qué?) (02:07)
16.  Beautiful View Of The Moon (02:12)
17.  Life Is Not A Dream (04:31)
18.  Alone In Jail (02:03)
19.  Victor’s Defeat (01:25)
20.  Miranda’s Confession (03:12)
21.  We Belong To Each Other (Para Poder Vivir) (02:50)
22.  Breaking Someone Else’s Heart (01:01)
23.  Tobías Gives His Heart (02:33)
24.  Even If I Don’t See You Again (02:01)
25.  What Love Really Is (04:07)
26.  Where Is The Moon? Apolonia’s Theme (Lamento Huapango) (05:50)
27.  Have You Ever Seen The Moon? (03:09)

Total Duration: 01:12:02
Track listing contributed by Chris Couvee

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