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Jurassic World



Jurassic World (2015)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Michael Giacchino
John Williams (theme music)

Released in:

United States

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Backlot Music BLM0605

Backlot Music BLM0605  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Bury the Hatchling (01:56)
2.  The Family That Strays Together (01:00)
3.  Welcome to Jurassic World (02:08)
4.  As the Jurassic World Turns (05:31)
5.  Clearly His First Rodeo (03:28)
6.  Owen You Nothing (01:19)
7.  Indominus Wrecks (06:11)
8.  Gyrosphere of Influence (03:14)
9.  Pavane for a Dead Apatosaurus (04:44)
10.  Fits and Jumpstarts (01:31)
11.  The Dimorphodon Shuffle (02:13)
12.  Love in the Time of Pterosauria (04:31)
13.  Chasing the Dragons (02:54)
14.  Raptor Your Heart Out (03:50)
15.  Costa Rican Standoff (04:37)
16.  Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours (02:41)
17.  Growl and Make Up (01:16)
18.  Nine-To-Survival Job (02:33)
19.  The Park Is Closed (01:38)
20.  Jurassic World Suite (12:53)
21.  It's a Small Jurassic World (01:43)
22.  The Hammond Lab Overture (01:07)
23.  The Brockway Monorail (01:46)
24.  Sunrise O'er Jurassic World (02:06)

Total Duration: 01:16:50
Track listing contributed by JuPe

Mondo Records MOND-053

Mondo Records MOND-053  

United States 
Release Date
2 LPs. Pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Green Vinyl with a Blue Stripe - in honor of Blue the Raptor. Also available on Black Vinyl.

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