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Texas Rising



Texas Rising (2015)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Bruce Broughton
John Debney

Released in:

United States

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MCA Nashville Records no label number

MCA Nashville Records no label number  

United States 
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Available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  I Won't Back Down (03:49)
Kris Kristofferson
2.  Igual Que Yo (04:22)
Jose Feliciano
3.  Texas Rising Suite (09:17)
4.  Emily Arrives in Camp / Town Evacuation (02:00)
5.  Anderson Wakes Rangers (01:49)
6.  Truett & Yancey Flirt with Sarah (01:36)
7.  The Alamo and Lorca (01:57)
8.  Sam Talks Strategy (01:15)
9.  Deaf's Goodbye to Lupe (02:23)
10.  Lupe Watches Deaf Ride off (00:33)
11.  Gettin' a Whippin' (01:05)
12.  Houston Addresses the Troops (01:37)
13.  Rangers Run into Mexican Army (02:33)
14.  Mexican Ambush (02:42)
15.  Santa Ana and Emily Sex in the Bath (02:29)
16.  Bigfoot and Hayes at the Waterfall (01:23)
17.  Lorca's Hanging Bodies (02:30)
18.  Wykoff's New Home (01:02)
19.  Deaf Tries Talking to Lupe (02:06)
20.  The Battle of San Jacinto - Pt 1 (04:02)
21.  The Battle of San Jacinto - Pt 2 (04:32)
22.  Emily Rescue (06:06)
23.  Yellow Rose of Texas (01:23)
24.  Yellow Rose of Texas - Alternate Version (01:26)
25.  Come to the Bower (01:46)
26.  Come to the Bower - New Orleans version (03:58)
27.  Texas Rising Main Title (01:34)
28.  Take me to Texas (03:32)
George Strait

Total Duration: 01:14:47
Track listing contributed by gilrolan

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