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Worry Dolls



Worry Dolls (2016)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Holly Amber Church

Released in:

United States

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Screamworks Records SWR16003

Screamworks Records SWR16003  

Release Date

Also available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  A Plea to the Worry Dolls (04:24)
2.  The Final Victim of Henry Leonard Bale (01:44)
3.  The Beginning of the End (02:08)
4.  Chloe (02:33)
5.  The Box (02:42)
6.  Chloe's Fear (02:24)
7.  The Seizure (03:00)
8.  Henry's Calling Card (02:28)
9.  The Interrogation (02:30)
10.  Where is She? (02:20)
11.  Daddy's Here (01:49)
12.  Lawnmower Laceration (01:31)
13.  Something's Wrong With Todd (02:21)
14.  Matt and Chloe (01:52)
15.  Where is the Last Doll? (01:56)
16.  Just Trust Me (01:57)
17.  Della's House (02:26)
18.  A Pure Innocent (02:16)
19.  Hate Me, Just Help Me (02:28)
20.  The Lore of the Worry Dolls (03:28)
21.  Darcy (02:40)
22.  So Others Shall Live (05:29)
23.  I Want to Keep You (03:02)
Music composed & conducted by Holly Amber Church w/ the Hollywood Studio Symphony

Total Duration: 00:59:28
Track listing contributed by dbmfifty

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