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Cliffs Of Freedom

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Cliffs Of Freedom (2019)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
George Kallis

Released in:

United States

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Aegean Entertainment

Aegean Entertainment  

United States 
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Available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  Fabric of History (03:26)
2.  Ottoman Patrol (02:00)
3.  Valtetsi Village (01:54)
4.  Can You Forgive (03:16)
5.  Tell Me What You See, Yia Yia (02:45)
6.  Return to Tripolitsa (01:51)
7.  Sunset Encounter (01:15)
8.  Are We Really so Different (01:49)
9.  You Know Nothing of My Mother (02:02)
10.  Children at the Door (02:54)
11.  Anna Christina's Prayer (01:50)
12.  Not That Girl Any More (01:50)
13.  Joining the Rebellion (02:28)
14.  Caravan (01:49)
15.  Fog of War (02:00)
16.  Reason to Call Upon Him (02:28)
17.  Becoming a Legend (03:00)
18.  And by My Hand (01:57)
19.  It's Not Your Fault (01:38)
20.  The Time Has Come (02:25)
21.  Cenotaph (04:20)
22.  General Kolokotronis (02:15)
23.  Freedom or Death (01:43)
24.  To Save You from Yourself (01:03)
25.  Battle Preparations (02:31)
26.  Battle of Valtetsi (02:30)
27.  Let the Blade Find the Cut (05:42)
28.  Simply the Truth (05:18)
29.  I'll Wait for You (04:15)
feat. Ariana George

Total Duration: 01:14:14
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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