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Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Hans Zimmer
Harold Faltermeyer
Lorne Balfe

Released in:

United States, China

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Polydor 0602445845125

Polydor 0602445845125  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 3
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  Track listing

1.  Main Titles (You've Been Called Back To Top Gun) (02:30)
2.  Danger Zone (03:35)
Performed by Kenny Loggins
3.  Darkstar (03:01)
4.  Great Balls Of Fire (Live) (01:54)
Performed by Miles Teller
5.  You're Where You Belong/Give 'Em Hell (05:46)
6.  I Ain't Worried (02:28)
Performed by OneRepublic
7.  Dagger One Is Hit/Time To Let Go (05:06)
8.  Tally Two/What's The Plan/F-14 (04:34)
9.  The Man, The Legend/Touchdown (03:54)
10.  Penny Returns (Interlude) (02:47)
11.  Hold My Hand (03:45)
Performed by Lady Gaga
12.  Top Gun Anthem (02:28)

Total Duration: 00:41:48
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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