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Padre Di Famiglia, Il



Padre Di Famiglia, Il (1968)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Carlo Rustichelli

Released in:

France, Italy

Also known as:
  • Head Of The Family, The (1970, United States)

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Saimel 3998985

Saimel 3998985  

Release Date

Limited edition of 300 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Stagioni Del Nostro Amore, Le

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Collection: 3
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  Track listing

1.  The Separation (02:57)
2.  City by night - On the road (01:56)
3.  Vittorio and his wife - Broken marriage (02:52)
4.  Vittorio's loneliness (01:35)
5.  Return to Mantua - Memories of Elena (02:09)
6.  In love with Elena (02:12)
7.  Encounter with the night guard (02:04)
8.  War remembrances (01:40)
9.  Vittorio and Francesca in the car (03:46)
10.  The Season of our love has passed (01:30)
11.  Elena's disappointment and final decision (03:40)
12.  The cemetery - Childhood memories (02:27)
13.  Sirtaki dance (01:19)
14.  Desolation and finale (03:00)
15.  Broken marriage (alternate) (bonus track) (00:35)
16.  The night guard (alternate) (bonus track) (00:39)
17.  Unused (bonus track) (00:44)
Tracks 1-17: Le stagioni del nostro amore
18.  The Year 1946 (Main title) (01:49)
19.  First encounter (02:19)
20.  Falling in love - The wedding (01:59)
21.  Marco's frustration (01:36)
22.  The first baby (02:24)
23.  In the nursery (02:19)
24.  Romeo and the Anarchist (00:39)
25.  Lovers at night (01:32)
26.  Paola's pregnancy (01:47)
27.  The grandfather dies (01:32)
28.  Urbanization (02:03)
29.  Marital crisis (01:17)
30.  Marco gets home again (02:40)
31.  Marco and Paola (reflections) (03:26)
32.  Plans for the future - Paola in the hospital (01:58)
33.  Finale (02:19)
34.  Padre di famiglia suite (bonus track) (06:39)
Tracks 18-34: Padre di famiglia

Total Duration: 01:13:23
Track listing contributed by Chris Couvee

Compilation Albums

Anthology Records ANTH-A003 Image supplied by

Anthology Records ANTH-A003  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Per Grazia Ricevuta
 Venezia, La Luna E Tu
 Pillole Di Ercole, Le
 Carabiniere A Cavallo, Il
 Nell'Anno Del Signore
 In Nome Del Papa Re
 Pane E Cioccolata
 Avventure Di Pinocchio, Le

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Symphonic Tribute To Nino Manfredi, A

Other information
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Collection: 7
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  Track listing

1.  VENEZIA, LA LUNA E TU (1957) (08:03)
Lelio Luttazzi
2.  CAMPING (1957) (03:59)
Armando Trovajoli
3.  LE PILLILE DI ERCOLE (1960) (08:05)
Armando Trovajoli
4.  IL CARABINIERE A CAVALLO (1961) (06:30)
Carlo Rustichelli
5.  IL PADRE DI FAMIGLIA (1967) (07:18)
Carlo Rustichelli
6.  NELL' ANNO DEL SIGNORE (1969)/IN NOME DEL PAPA RE (1977) (09:17)
Armando Trovajoli
7.  TESTA O CROCE (1982) (06:03)
Carlo Rustichelli
8.  PANE E CIOCCOLATA (1974) Daniele Patucchi (14:10)
LE AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO (1971) Fiorenzo Carpi /PER GRAZIA RICEVUTA (1971) Guido e Maurizio De Angelis

Total Duration: 01:03:25
Track listing contributed by s.tonkens

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