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North Dallas Forty



North Dallas Forty (1979)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
John Scott

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Drama, Sports Film

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Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13 No. 17

Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13 No. 17  

United States 
Release Date

Silver Age Classics series.
Limited edition of 2000 copies.

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (03:15)
2.  Weight Room (revised) (01:08)
3.  Phil and Joanne (01:42)
4.  Stallings (revised)/Phil Gets Floored (revised)/
Break In
5.  Jo Bob’s Jock Strap (revised) (01:31)
6.  Weight Room (original) (01:12)
7.  Night of Pain (03:52)
8.  Full Speed (01:43)
9.  Can I Count on You, Phil? (00:39)
10.  Phil’s Horse Ranch (01:56)
11.  Something Special in Chicago (01:51)
12.  Brand New Knee (02:11)
13.  Pre-Game Tensions (04:43)
14.  Let’s Go Kill (00:51)
15.  Break His Leg if You Have To/Delma Gets Hit (02:14)
16.  Double Play/Phil’s Catch (01:40)
17.  Hartman Fumbles (00:55)
18.  Phil and Delma (00:55)
19.  Because I Care About You (revised) (00:50)
20.  End Credits (02:41)
21.  Main Title (alternate, End Credits film edit) (02:19)
Total Time: 40:59

Bonus Tracks:

22.  Not Just a Game of Football/Limousine (00:24)
23.  You Can’t Sleep Here (03:00)
24.  Breakfast With Joanne (00:56)
25.  Stallings (original)/Stallings (revised, alternate)/
Phil Gets Floored (original)
26.  Jo Bob’s Jock Strap (original) (01:28)
27.  Weight Room (intermediate) (01:05)
28.  Night of Pain (alternate) (03:51)
29.  Delma Gets Hit (alternate) (00:50)
30.  Because I Care About You (original) (00:49)
31.  End Credits (alternate) (02:42)
32.  Main Title (alternate, unabridged) (03:15)
Total Time: 20:08

Total Duration: 00:59:55
Track listing contributed by handstand

Compilation Albums

JOS Records JSCD 111 Image supplied by

JOS Records JSCD 111  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Final Countdown, The
 Shooting Party, The
 England Made Me
 People That Time Forgot, The
 Cousteau - Amazon Part 1 The River
 Wake in Fright
 Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes
 Antony And Cleopatra

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 John Scott Conducts His Favorite Scores

Other information
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Collection: 50
Wish list: 3

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  Track listing

1.  The Final Countdown (04:15)
(Main Title)
2.  The Shooting Party (03:12)
(Main Title)
3.  North Dallas Forty (08:24)
(Suite) Main Titles, Buddies, The Girl, The Game
4.  England Made Me (09:16)
(Suite) Main Titles, All On The Radio, Reichswehr March Of The 3rd Reich
5.  The People That Time Forgot (04:00)
March of the Nagas
6.  Cousteau/Amazon (03:36)
7.  Outback (07:50)
(Suite) The Desert, The Treck, Madness, End Titles
8.  Greaystoke (08:50)
(Suite) Child Of The Apes, Law Of The Jungle, Dancing Lesson, Return To The Jungle
9.  Anthony And Cleopatra (08:53)
(Suite) Main Title, Confrontation With Pompey, Pretty Worm Of Nilus, She Shall Be Buried By Her Anthony

Total Duration: 00:58:16
Track listing contributed by Vaso Babic

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